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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a new patient of Dr. DePrima?

Dr. DePrima is currently accepting new patients ages 6-years-old and older.  Prospective patients can contact Dr. DePrima's office at (561) 299-3337 and select the new patient prompts.  Dr. DePrima will return your call as soon as possible to discuss scheduling an appointment.  Please note that for patients 18 years old and older, the prospective patient must contact Dr. DePrima to schedule the appointment rather than having someone else call on their behalf.  

Can I use my insurance benefits to pay for treatment?

Dr. DePrima is not currently participating in any commercial insurance panels including Medicare and is considered out-of-network.  She encourages prospective patients to become acquainted with their insurance out of network policy to determine if their health insurance will reimburse a portion of the costs of each session directly to them.  If you are seeking out-of-network coverage, Dr. DePrima will provide you a detailed invoice of services rendered to provide to your insurance company and seek reimbursement.  Patients are required to pay the full costs of each session prior to each appointment despite seeking reimbursement from their insurance.  

What is the fee for each session?

Please contact Dr. DePrima for costs of each session.  Session costs are comparable to rates and fees of self-pay psychologists in the community. Payment is due at the time of visit.  At this time, Dr. DePrima only accepts payments via credit card or health savings account.  

Do I need to provide notice when cancelling an appointment?

Dr. DePrima requires 24-hour notice to cancel an existing appointment.  If appointment cancellations are not received in a timely manner, the full session fee will be charged.  

What can I expect during my first appointment?

Your initial visit is an opportunity for Dr. DePrima to become further acquainted with you and what are the reasons you are seeking treatment.  This session is an information gathering session where you will be able to describe in detail what your concerns are and to obtain information about yourself and background that may be useful in formulating a treatment plan that will best meet your individual goals.  Should you decide to continue treatment, the next few visits (2 or 3 visits) will involve collaborating in establishing your goals for treatment, provide information regarding diagnosis if appropriate, and develop a timeline for treatment.  This session is also an opportunity for you as a patient to determine whether Dr. DePrima will be a good fit based on your current needs.  If at the end of the evaluation period, either you or Dr. DePrima determines that you may be better served by another mental health professional or an alternate level of care, she will actively work to refer you to the appropriate care.  

What can I expect from my first appointment with my child or teen?

Dr. DePrima will speak with you prior to your first appointment to determine what would be the best way to structure your first session with your child or teen.  This may involve having your child or teen accompany you to the first appointment or scheduling a private meeting with parents or caregivers prior to meeting your child or teen to address your concerns more openly.  Oftentimes, children and teens will request to have some time on their own to discuss their concerns and time is carved out of the first few sessions to accommodate this request.  The goals for the first session along with the initial evaluation period is to obtain information about what your concerns are, your child or teen's concerns, how best to address these and establish a timeline along with a plan for treatment.  

What is the best way to reach Dr. DePrima?

For all existing and new patients, Dr. DePrima can be reached at her office at (561) 299-3337 during business hours.  Should your call be outside regular business hours, she will return your call during the next business day.  Existing patients can also contact Dr. DePrima by logging into the patient portal.  If your call is regarding an emergency, you can contact 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.  

Is Dr. DePrima seeing patients in the office?

Dr. DePrima is not currently offering sessions in person due to COVID-19.  Sessions are offered via a confidential telehealth platform.  Please contact Dr. DePrima if you have any questions and check in regularly for updates of when in office appointments will resume.

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