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Image by Samantha Gades

My Approach

Dr. DePrima believes everyone is an  individual with unique strengths, challenges and needs.  Her clinical approach focuses in getting to know each of her patients by developing a working relationship based on trust and respect that is necessary in paving the way for change.  She strives in creating an environment that is warm, compassionate and non-judgmental where patients will be able to address their concerns in an honest and open manner.  Dr. DePrima believes in addition to a strong therapeutic alliance, use of evidence based models and culturally sensitive care are important ingredients for reaching each of her patient's individual goals.  Her clinical work balances both a customized approach and use of evidence based therapies that have proven to be effective in both clinical practice and research.  She draws from effective therapy models that include cognitive therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.  Dr. DePrima feels passionate about providing excellent care and has created her practice around the core values of patient-centered care, evidenced- informed treatment, and culturally-sensitive practice.  

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