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Treatment Services

Adult Services
Adult Services: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Parenting Support, Coordination of Care

Adult services are provided to individuals above the age of 18.  Services are confidential, individually tailored to meet your goals and presenting concerns.  Psychotherapy services are delivered via individual one-on-one sessions or within the context of family therapy where the focus is on working on family dynamics and potential conflicts.  Dr. DePrima has also worked with parents with the aim at developing existing parenting skills to assist in managing issues with regards to their children and teens. Dr. DePrima believes in a collaborative team approach and will coordinate care with other members of your treatment team if you are actively engaged in psychiatric care.  

Child and Adolescent Services: Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Case Collaboration and Coordination of Care
Child and Adolecen Services

Child and adolescent services are provided to children and teens 6 to 18 years of age.  Services are confidential and involve a family-based approach where parents and caregivers are actively engaged in treatment whether the focus is on a child or teen's needs or the needs of the family as a whole.  Dr. DePrima believes that in order to promote change and growth within a child or teen, it must be fostered and maintained through the collaboration of parents, caregivers and family.  Treatment is tailored to create a balance between providing a safe place for a child and teen to explore their concerns while providing the necessary feedback and input for parents and caregivers to foster their child and teen's progress and lasting change. Therapy is provided in either an individual one-on-one format or via family therapy that may involve various members of the family. Collaboration with educators, school personnel and treatment team providers is also an important part of treatment delivery when indicated.  

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